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The Michigan Stroke Network Celebrates 10 Years of Remarkable Stroke Care

Since the inception of the Michigan Stroke Network (MSN) in 2006, there have been tremendous changes in stroke therapies. Results from global clinical trials have changed stroke care, offering not only tPA drug therapy which breaks down stroke causing blood clots, to clot removal treatment, which can save the lives of the most serious stroke patients. It has been 20 years since the introduction of tPA drug therapy for the treatment of stroke, and now we are able to routinely offer other new procedures to treat stroke patients through the MSN. Together with our partner sites, we have been able to reduce the disabling impact of stroke in Michigan and have followed protocols to treat patients with urgency using the latest treatment guidelines. In 2016, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, a member of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System and the Center of the MSN, was awarded with the American Heart/Stroke Association Get With The Guidelines® Stroke Gold Plus Achievement Award-Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite Plus. St. Joseph Mercy Oakland is one of only four hospitals in Michigan to achieve this status. We maintain Primary Stroke Certification and are grateful to our partner sites and community for working collaboratively with us to reach this success. With this foundation, we look forward to becoming a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

About the Michigan Stroke Network

The Michigan Stroke Network, founded by Trinity Health, is a collaborative network of hospitals working together to deliver the most comprehensive stroke care in Michigan. By using telemedicine, the latest in communication technology, physicians at participating hospitals will have access to some of the finest vascular stroke specialists in the nation. This way, stroke patients can get quality medical care when they need it.

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked or bursts. The result can be as serious as brain damage or death. Prompt treatment is essential to protect brain cells. Member hospitals within the Michigan Stroke Network have 24-hour, 365 days a year access to highly specialized neuroendovascular technology that can mean the difference between life and death for many stroke victims. Member hospitals also receive around-the-clock access to vascular and neuroendovascular specialists, as well as certified neuro critical care, and access to rapid transport (helicopter or ambulance) and cutting-edge technology that will allow them to consult with leading neuroendovascular specialists across the state of Michigan.

Remote Stroke Consultation:

Through the use of telemedicine, physicians in the network can receive consultation over the Internet. Using bedside videoconferencing, telemedicine medical teams in hospital emergency centers can consult with neuro-specialists in distant cities. This consultative approach improves access to specialty care and reduces the need for exhausting travel and unnecessary patient transports.

Families of Patients:

The Michigan Stroke Network provides overnight housing for families through the use of a “compassion fund.” This funding is from donations received from local community patrons and from families who have utilized the housing provided.
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Stroke Gold Plus Achievement award