The Stroke Center at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

The Stroke Center at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland is the home of the Michigan Stroke Network.

Since 1997, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) has been involved with the many advances made in stroke prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. In 2004, SJMO became the first certified primary stroke center in Michigan and the ninth in the United States. We are proud to have been the first in Michigan and we welcome the other hospitals that have invested the resources to become certified primary stroke centers. The medical team at SJMO recognized early on that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a pivotal point for an effective stroke team. Following this philosophy and providing specialized education has allowed our stroke team to reach outside the hospital doors with the expertise of our local EMS providers. This partnership, coupled with our average door-to-physician evaluation time of eight minutes, has allowed SJMO to continue to improve care to stroke patients in our community.

SJMO is proud to be at the forefront of stroke care and education in Southeastern Michigan and we are now focused on our next phase of expansion: comprehensive stroke center designation. While certification requirements are not yet finalized, we are working to meet national standards and guidelines. The hospital will continue their commitment to improve outcomes of the stroke center program. Focusing on comprehensive stroke center, we have expanded our capability so that we can treat the most complex stroke patients. This expansion takes the form of endovascular stroke care.

As you can see, state-of-the-art care for stroke has become a cornerstone of SJMO. However, the core values of Trinity Health and our Mercy tradition demand more that just state-of-the-art care. SJMO also provides compassionate, patient-centered care. The stroke team at SJMO was one of the first to recognize that palliative care can be part of the care continuum for some stroke patients. SJMO received a national Circle of Life Award for our palliative care programs interface with the stroke team. This distinction serves to remind all members of our team that all facets of the patients care are a top priority for our caregivers.